Steroids use by Young Athletes

Youngsters start believing that their outstanding performance in high school or college sports will pay off with a free of charge ride scholarship to the school or help them to earn a spot in a pro team. It also happens with baseball, soccer and ice-hockey players.

There are several other reasons youngsters are introduced to use steroids for e.g. greed for money, excessive proud of oneself, envy with other fellow athletes, trying to get a shortcut, craving desire for an ideal body shape etc.

These issues can be hard to resist at times and even a youngsters' coach, parent, friends or guardian can entice them to used steroids for such reasons.

steroids young athletes

So what difference steroids can make? These are often very clear, young boys can grow muscles in a very short time, but they might also suffer from undesirable effects such as acne breakouts, odor, mood swings, baldness and testicular shrinkage.

For girls, employing steroids can also cause mood swings, baldness as well as cause facial hair and a deeper voice. Some of the much more intimidating side effects are heart issues and liver malfunctions.

In the USA, almost 3% of young athletes indulge in taking steroids. Coaches, parents and guardians must teach their young sportsmen that unfair means are not an option and ensure that the young sportsmen are taking safe medicines only which are specifically prescribed by doctors or physicians.

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